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  • In which Loki is saved by Lucifer

Loki looked up at the strange Midgardian in front of him and raised an eyebrow.
"How sweet. They’ve got your pretty little mouth all locked up." The man stood up and walked up to him, "I can get rid of that, if you’d like." Loki continued staring at the man and snorted. He did not need the help of a mortal. The man laughed at this, his hand landing on Loki’s shoulder. "Oh, demi-god, I am no mortal man." He snapped his fingers and the muzzle disappeared. "My name is Lucifer and I”m the devil." Loki couldn’t help but laugh at that,
"The devil? There is no such thing, it is an evil being that the Midgardians made up. Nothing more than mere stories." This time, Lucifer laughed.

"Are you sure about that?" 

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    (And they’re wiener cousins in my fanfiction, so yeah I could imagine them drinking together - although it’s not the...
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    Loki and Lucifer are my villian BROTP. They’ve actually got quite a bit in common. They were both cast out by their...
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